Today, on School Communicators Day, I am announcing that I am taking a leap…

In 2006, I took a giant leap out of the classroom and into a role as an instructional technology specialist. I remember on my first day, I called my mom in tears, “I cannot do this! I have NO IDEA what I am doing!” Her advice: go to Target, get all new office supplies and organize the heck out of everything in your new space. (I mean, she gets me!) I did just that, and after putting my hands on each item in my new computer lab, I felt ready to hit the ground running.

In 2016, I took another giant leap out of the technology world and into the brand new office of communications for Brenham ISD. I had no experience. I had no network. I had NO CLUE! But I went to a Spoken Word training in New Braunfels ISD where I learned about TSPRA and met the first few members of my CASPRA family. I felt at home and I was ready to dive in.

Today, on School Communicators Day, I am announcing that I am taking yet another leap. I am leaving the school PR world to take on the role of Marketing Manager for Education Advanced, Inc., an educational software company. 

While I am SO EXCITED about this new opportunity and the professional growth it will offer, I am heartbroken to leave my school PR family. So many of you have been my mentors, my rocks, my advisers and my friends. You opened your arms to me and welcomed me wholeheartedly into the school PR family. My TSPRA, CASPRA and ETSPRA family – you guys always have my back. My NSPRA and #k12prchat family – you invited me in and made me feel like “one of you.” I feel like I have “grown up” under your care and I am forever grateful.

As we celebrate school PR pros across the nation today, I can say with certainty that there is no network like the school PR network. I’ve never worked with professionals who are more willing to accept and share. I want to thank each of you who has ever answered my SOS call, responded to my panicked text, shared with me your documents and/or ideas, or done any number of things that school PR pros do to build each other up. YOU are the good!

I am not sure what’s going to happen to School PR365 from here on out. (Anyone want to take it over?! Hit me up!) Thank you for reading and supporting this passion project. It has truly been my pleasure and I hope our paths cross again!

I would love to network with you outside of School PR365. Follow me on Twitter here. Connect with me on LinkedIn here.

If you know of any school PR pros who would like to move to the beautiful and historic Brenham, Texas to join the first public school district in the state, please share the job posting here.

It has been my pleasure and my honor to work and serve with you!

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