Have you been through the school bond process? Then I need your help!

Hello school PR friends! I am working on research for the completion of a master’s degree in strategic communication and innovation from Texas Tech University and I need your help! My final project will be a content analysis of visuals used for school bond elections. The idea is to analyze 100 samples and look for systematic patterns that may have enhanced information processing. 

Here’s where you come in. 🙂

If you been through the bond process and would be willing to send me your flyers, posters, postcards, etc., please fill out the short form here. In return for your help, I will send you the results of my research in hopes that it might help you with future bond elections.

Thank you in advance! I am always amazed at the willingness of the school PR community to share, and I am really jazzed to investigate your samples and hopefully provide some meaningful feedback for future bond efforts!

2 thoughts on “Have you been through the school bond process? Then I need your help!”

  1. Jessica,

    Do you mind if I share your request in my newsletter next week? Almost 1800 school PR folks from across the country..if you’ll share with me as well so I can share with everyone…


    How do you want them to reach you/share with you?

    Pat Hawn MarketVolt – VP of Client Engagement 314-529-1434

    sent from my phone


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